Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hiding Feature on Design Studio

I have to share what I just learned! I was reading on the Cricut Message Boards about how to make a card & someone mentioned that you can "hide" something on Design Studio so you don't have to waste paper and cut out 5 different colors of a layer, when you only wanted the one piece in, let's say blue. Then you can hide that layer and cut out the other part you want in red.
I had never heard about this & was extremely anxious to test it out. So I got onto DS and clicked an image then the layer button. To hide parts of a layer just individually click on them making them red, then right click on your mouse and on the menu that appears click "Hide Selected Contour" at the bottom of the list. After you let go, that part will turn blue and will hide so you're not wasting paper!!
I was so excited and couldn't wait to share it with anyone else who did not know about it! Now my question is...does anyone know if we can hide images like this one the Gypsy?
Hope my explanation made sense!

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