Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I caved!!

I CAVED and got a gypsy! I've had it for only about 5 days, but after 1.5 days, I was sold! I LOVE IT! :)

When it first came out, I honestly thought "why in the world do I need to be able to 'scrapbook' and design when I'm not at home? The gypsy idea sounds kinda dumb to me..." but since it came out everyone has been gushing about how great it is! Well, now I'm a gusher & am totally on board the gypsy-mobile!

Reasons why I love it!
1. Portability -- I don't have to be sitting at my computer to design something!
2. Convenient -- It fits right into my purse, now I won't get bored when waiting somewhere.
3. The screen -- The screen appears too small - in fact, it's can zoom in/zoom out!
4. Grouping -- This feature is amazing. Thank you Provocraft!
5. Welding -- One of my favorite Design Studio features!
6. Cartridges -- I can see what cartridges I have, don't have, and want!
7. Keywords -- Finding something is 5x easier than on DS because it shows the cart & a pic!
8. Size -- It's not too big and not too small, just right!
9. Storage -- It stores my cartridges! Now I can loan a friend a cartridge & still have it to use!
10. Multitasking -- It's the perfect thing for us scrappin-obsessed, cricut-lovin, cartridge-droolin multi-taskers! Since us ladies always feel the need to be doing 3 things at once...we now can even easier!

I'm excited for the sales this week! The cartridge I'm looking to get is Designer's Calendar! :)

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