Friday, September 18, 2009

"I'm so excited & I just can't hide it!"


I finished my grandparents' scrapbook a few weeks ago around 5am the day we left! It turned out amazing! I absolutely love it! They were so happy to receive it and enjoy it! It sounds like my grandma has been showing it to a bunch of her friends so I suppose that means she likes it a lot...right?! The book is 60 pages long! It's the longest scrapbook I've ever beats my other grandparents' scrapbook (my dad's parents) by 2 pages. It's pretty neat though because my dad's parents got married in 1958 & their album is 58 pages long and my mom's parents got married in 1959 & their album is 60 pages..because ofcourse I can't do an odd number of pages! ;)

Now to the thing I'm super excited about....I'm making a bunch of Christmas cards for the soldiers overseas! My friend Emily & I were working on the cards tonight and getting everything ready for Sunday when we have a few other people coming over to help us! We're going to mass produce these things! I'll try and take a few pictures & put them up...if I remember!

Until next time,
Claire <><

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